OK, so it’s definite. Aunt Kelly and I are moving to Leningrad, er, St. Petersburg, in the fall, for about a year. She’ll get there at the end of October, and I’ll join her in mid-November after a previously scheduled trip to France. She’s going next week to apartment-hunt!

So here’s my fall schedule:

August 29-31 New York City, protesting Republican National Convention

September 9-12 Warrenton, NC – Washington DC, Hero of the Day AIDS Ride

October 8-11 Upstate NY, re-living my childhood

October 30 Halloween/Election/Going-Away Bash?

November 2 Election Day (If you are a U.S. citizen, please vote for anyone but Bush)

November 4 Fly to France

November 15 Onward to St. Petersburg!

Check back for updates!