I’ve been waffling on the question of whether I want to go to New York to protest the Republicans this weekend and next week, mostly ’cause I’m a little burnt out after being out of town all last week, but articles like this are a good reason to go.

Releasing swarms of mice? If you’ve ever been to New York, you know that the mice are already there. Prostitutes with AIDS discouraging condom use? What’s a good family-values politician doing with a prostitute? And I thought conservatives discouraged condom use!

I would just laugh it off, but actually, articles like that frustrate me and make me sad. They prove how successful the GOP has been in creating ridiculous notions about anyone left of center, and in branding anyone who disagrees with the president a “terrorist”. In GOP parlance, the opposite of “terrorism” is “freedom”, but “freedom of speech” equals “terrorism”. How DO their minds work?

I’ll be bringing a crate of DC’s finest rats with me to New York. (That’s a joke, Mr. Ashcroft.)