The mainstream media says it was a draw. The right-wing media called it a knockout for Cheney. Salon yawned. These debates can be analyzed from a few different angles.

Who was better rhetorically? Cheney. Edwards just seemed to be spewing non-sequitur after non-sequitur to get his platform out there. Cheney had some great zingers, and his refusal to use his rebuttal time in a couple of instances was kind of brilliant.

Who came across better? Depends on which style you prefer: serious or enthusiastic.

What did I personally think? That they’re both completely full of BS. As a progressive, I was reminded how far the Democratic party is from my values, on gay rights and on war in particular.

Will it change anyone’s mind about who to vote for? No. I agree with Salon that the whole thing was pretty forgettable. Looking forward to the remaining two presidential debates.