This week I kind of got distracted by the blogosphere and engaged a few right-wing bloggers in debate. But it’s kind of a hopeless waste of time — no one is going to change anyone else’s mind that way. I entertained some fantasies about trying to become a high-profile lefty blog. But that’s not why I started this blog. I started it so I could stop bombarding my friends and family with forwarded political e-mails and have them read my future travelogs at their own convenience.

So on the pre-travelog front, all of the possessions that I’ll have in Russia, with the exception of those I want to lug around France with me for two weeks, have left DC and are on their way to England to meet up with my aunt’s stuff. It was kind of like packing for college — you can’t take everything you own, but you do want to make sure that you’ll have everything you need to be comfy for a year.

So for the next month and a half I have to live on the few clothes and the handful of CDs that I haven’t already shipped. It’s not a bad thing really. An exercise in non-materialism. Every time I move, I think “Where did I get all this crap?” And I am a small consumer by American standards.