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All right, just a quick note on last night’s debate: Boring! No significant new ground was covered. They hurled accusations at one another, some of which were true, some not. Bush was on his bestest behavior. Guess he really responded to the criticisms of his style from the previous debate.

So the online youth debate that I mentioned a few weeks ago has taken place. They wound up including Nader. You can check out the responses here, and vote on whether you agree or disagree with them. Here are my ratings as compared with the averages to that point:

Bush: Overall Rating: 2.48 Your Rating: 1.2500

Kerry: Overall Rating: 3.46 Your Rating: 3.4167

Nader: Overall Rating: 3.46 Your Rating: 4.6667

Ratings Key: 1. Disagree 2. Mostly Disagree 3. Neutral 4. Mostly Agree 5. Agree

This made me sad. I’ve never voted for any presidential candidate but Nader. This year I wasn’t going to because of the importance of getting Bush out of the White House and because Ralph gave the Green Party the blowoff. I don’t see the point of an independent candidacy. However, I’ve also always believed that you should vote for the candidate that most closely represents your views.

DC’s not a swing state and my vote doesn’t really count anyway, so I do have the luxury of voting on principle rather than strategy. So… I may be in the category of undecided voters.

But you guys out there in the swing states, you’d better vote for Kerry!


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