My roommate’s new custom-built folding bike was stolen last week. It’s a rare model, so if you see a bike like this, even if you’re not in the DC area, it could be hers. More info below:

My Bike Friday was stolen from the Dupont Circle area in mid-October. This is a custom-built folding bicycle, and I would really like to get it back. Some DC bike thieves just ride the bikes around town; several friends have recovered stolen bicycles because they have spotted them. I want to enlist your help, since this is a funny-looking bike that you might notice anyway.

The bike is bright green and has noticably small 20-inch wheels. (see photo below) It says Bike Friday in large letters on the side. When stolen it had one black Jandd side pannier (not the red one in the picture.) It has a rack, drop bars and egg-beater pedals, but those may all get changed by the thief or whoever it gets sold to. The serial number on the bike is 12252.

If you catch sight of it (even months from now; this can take awhile), call me at [please contact me to get Barbara’s number] or call the police: it is registered as stolen with the DC police and they will confiscate it (Criminal Complaint Number 142-835).

Thank you! A generous and unique reward will be in order for anyone who helps recover it!