Inspirations and tools for the last push before Election Day:

I ran 7 miles this morning in my Run Against Bush t-shirt!

Here‘s a great little music video for lefties. OK, it’s a little cheesy and the guy can’t sing, but it’s worth watching anyway!

I’m going to host a MoveOn phone bank party on Election Day, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We’ll be calling Kerry supporters to remind them to go to the polls. Bring your cell phone and stop by whenever you can. For details, click here. To host your own party, click here.

And a rallying cry from Michael Moore:

Forget the laundry. Let the dirty dishes pile up in the sink. Break out the TV dinners and tell the kids to do their own homework. My friends, I need you to put your daily routine on hold for the next 144 hours.

You’ve only got to help for the next 6 days. That’s it: no long commitment. No hidden fees. You can cancel at any time, and these five albums are yours to keep, free of charge. But I need you to act now — operators are standing by.

I’m hoping you dedicate every last second of time in this final week to getting out the vote. Skip work or school next Tuesday. Play hooky for Kerry. What are you going to remember in 10 years? The memo you rewrote for LuAnn in accounting? The lecture you slept through on high modernism? Or the way it felt watching the returns come in on Tuesday night, knowing that our national nightmare is coming to a close and you helped put us over the top. Take it from me: the dishes can wait.