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Internet access is hard to find in rural France! Yesterday we drove from Paris to Aix-le-Bains in the Alps, which took all day, especially since I started out driving our little blue Opel until we discovered that Terry would be a better driver than navigator. Today we wandered around Aix a little, then hit the road again around 11. We drove until about 5, and stopped in Orange, which has a huge Roman amphitheater. We were trying to get to Montpellier, but that would have meant a lot of driving in the dark for no good reason, so we just decided to stop for the night. Both Aix and Orange are small towns that are on the map because they get a lot of tourism.

Terry and I have been drinking lots of espresso, which is usually served with little individually-wrapped cubes of sugar. There is a brand called “Daddy”, which strikes us as very amusing. Last night we were finishing dinner (in this restaurant that looked like a medieval cave, and you’re allowed to bring your dog in) and the wine had put Terry in a very punchy mood, so he ordered us “deux cafes avec le sucre ‘Daddy'” (Two coffees with the sugar “Daddy”). Our very friendly waiter appreciated this joke and laughed and laughed along with us.

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