After about 12 hours on the road (including stops at the Hypermarche and in Chartres) we made it to Paris from Bordeaux. We had planned to spend the night in Chartres tonight, but we couldn’t see any good reason to, particularly since we want to get the rental car back to Charles DeGaulle Airport by 9:00 tomorrow to avoid paying for an extra day.

We had a nice evening in Bordeaux last night, including our second visit to Quick burger, which is virtually indistinguishable from McDonalds, but it’s European so that’s better, right? I got a Magic Box, which is like a Happy Meal. Why? Because I wanted to, that’s why. And at 4 euros, it’s a cheap meal. The prize was this very weird sand, which gloms together when in water, but when you scoop it out of the water is completely dry.

We went for a very long walk and then took a shiny beautiful tram back. I love public transportation, particularly trams.

We officially got a French parking ticket, which I’m not sure how to deal with. In the US, when you get a ticket on a rental car, they notify the rental company and the rental company charges your credit card. We’ll see. The ticket’s 11 euros, which is probably less than two days of parking would have been.

The cathedral in Chartres was very big, but not as beautiful as the one in Albi.

So for the next two and a half days we’re staying in a hotel with good internet access, so I should be able to communicate. Phew! I really am addicted to the internet.