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Breakfast in Paris Posted by Hello

So, it’s Thanksgiving, though it doesn’t really feel like it. I didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving last year either — I had taken the holiday weekend as an opportunity to go to Toronto to visit friends and the day just sort of passed without my noticing.

Today it’s a little different. I’m sitting in my apartment in St. Petersburg, observing the workmen putting the finishing touches on, amusing myself by surfing the web, and realizing that I’m not going to get too many e-mails or see many blog updates because it’s Thanksgiving and all the Shit Americans are eating turkey and watching football.

I had wanted to have a Thanksgiving/housewarming party this weekend, but it looks like we’ll be putting together IKEA furniture, and having the housewarming a few weeks from now instead. Too bad. I actually like Thanksgiving a lot. It seems kind of un-American in a way: eating home-cooked food and being grateful rather than eating McDonalds and taking everything for granted.

I do try to reflect each year on what I’m thankful for. This year I am thankful for:

1. Having the opportunity to come to St. Petersburg for a year, at little personal expense. Thanks, Aunt Kelly (and multinational capitalism, yikes)!

2. Good friends who keep in touch no matter where I am on the globe, even when I am a crappy correspondent. A special shout-out to Hugh, Klaas, Terry, Brian, Monica, Catia, Kevin, and Denis.

3. Anand. (Aww, so cheesy.)

4. Fate, for giving me decent brains, decent health, and a lot of good luck.

5. The internet, for its usefulness in meeting people and keeping in touch with them, and for wacky flash animation.

6. All the awesome activists who are going to hold the U.S. together while I’m gone. Don’t all run off to Canada, guys!

The theme of the month is cartoon-pig-shaped foodstuffs. After the Petit Cochon in Aix-en-Provence, there was another marzipan pig (two, actually) that I bought in Paris the night before leaving for Russia. In ordering them I uttered what was possibly my only complete sentence in French the whole time I was there: “Je prend un petit cochon, mais avez-vous une boite?” I was told I could only have a box if I bought two pigs. Those pigs, while not as cute as the Aix pig, were really good — they had cake inside.

Last Friday, I had some kind of mystery meat wrapped in a pig-shaped pastry shell in a really great little Russian cafe.

Today I explored my neighborhood thoroughly, and on the way home walked past the bread window on my block. Beaming down at me from the window: a raisin roll shaped like a pig face. So cute, so affordable (9 rubles!), so tasty, and so nearby. I forsee many pig raisin rolls in my future.

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