The theme of the month is cartoon-pig-shaped foodstuffs. After the Petit Cochon in Aix-en-Provence, there was another marzipan pig (two, actually) that I bought in Paris the night before leaving for Russia. In ordering them I uttered what was possibly my only complete sentence in French the whole time I was there: “Je prend un petit cochon, mais avez-vous une boite?” I was told I could only have a box if I bought two pigs. Those pigs, while not as cute as the Aix pig, were really good — they had cake inside.

Last Friday, I had some kind of mystery meat wrapped in a pig-shaped pastry shell in a really great little Russian cafe.

Today I explored my neighborhood thoroughly, and on the way home walked past the bread window on my block. Beaming down at me from the window: a raisin roll shaped like a pig face. So cute, so affordable (9 rubles!), so tasty, and so nearby. I forsee many pig raisin rolls in my future.