It’s been a busy few days. School is good. My classmates, all from China and Taiwan, are really sweet and welcoming and helpful. My concerns about being bored in Phonetics class have dissipated somewhat — they all speak quite well — but we’ll find out for sure tomorrow. On the whole, they seem to have better grammar and vocabularies than I do. The group is hard, but not over my head.

The weather got warm yesterday, and by “warm” I mean “above freezing.” It was raining lightly yesterday and today, which has made things pretty slippery.

The apartment’s in good shape now, so we’ve scheduled our housewarming party. It’ll be next Friday, the 10th. Looking forward to it.

I guess I can say I’ve officially started job hunting, as I e-mailed my resume to a few places this evening. I’m not feeling particularly confident about my Russian in a professional setting, but I guess I just have to get over that and try.

I learned something important yesterday. Being drunk makes a metro ride go much faster, but it makes it harder to walk on the ice. I didn’t fall, but it took every ounce (er, gram) of concentration not to.

Today I learned not to bother looking in lots of different shops for little things (e.g. shower curtain rings), but rather go right to the big department store, Gostiniy Dvor. The little shops don’t have what you want, and GD isn’t that overpriced as long as you’re not looking for designer clothes.