I know, we’re already 10 days into the new year, but since Russian Christmas was just last Friday and the legal holidays don’t end until tomorrow, and today was my first day back in class after a two week break, now is a better time for turning over a new leaf anyway.

There’s nothing particularly interesting about my plans for the new year: eat more healthfully, exercise more, be more organized, meditate and do yoga on a regular basis, work harder at improving my Russian.

The difference is that this year there’s a better chance of sticking to my resolutions. I mean, I’d been trying to do all of these things for the past few years in Washington, but it was pretty hard to do while working full-time, doing activism, being active in the Unitarian church, and maintaining a busy social life. Here I’m not doing any of those things, so I should actually have the time for health and personal enrichment. Unfortunate that things that seem so basic and essential can only be achieved in an extraordinary situation.