Faithful readers, I’ve made a few changes to the sidebar for your entertainment. I’m still working on it, lest you think these are the only sites I consider worthy of attention.

So. It was quite a week. I managed to get up early every day to work out before going to classes. I did yoga several times. I worked on job applications and editing a paper for my friend Klaas. I studied lots. I did not, alas, eat healthfully. But the supply of candy from Christmas is dwindling and I swear I’m going to eat lots of vegetables this weekend.

I think I may have a job. I met with the folks at the language school that provides English lessons to employees of Aunt Kelly’s company. They liked me and I liked them. Despite my lack of experience, they seem to have confidence that I’ll be a good English teacher. I think I will too. I’ve had enough Russian and French lessons over the course of my life that I have a pretty darn good sense of what works and what doesn’t.

It sounds like I’m going to start next week with one group and one individual at the upper intermediate level. They’re all corporate clients, but they just want conversation. Clever conversation? I can provide that. Shouldn’t be too intimidating, for my first stab at teaching.

I got a book called “How to Teach English” which is a dopey and obvious-sounding title, but its recommendations are useful. Mostly I wanted to investigate the section on grammar, since I think the biggest disadvantage of being a native-speaking teacher who is not a linguist is knowing grammar intuitively rather than intellectually, which makes it difficult to explain to others.

It’s a bright and sunny day here. I should get out of the house and soak some of it in.