The other morning when I was walking from the metro to the university at 9:30, something seemed strange. It wasn’t dark out! We’re gaining three or four minutes a day of sunlight. Althought we’re a long way from the sun rising before I have to get up in the morning (my standard for a “reasonable” amount of daylight) I think I can say that the “black days” (my term for the inverse of the famous “white nights”) are over. I feel spring fluttering in my soul already, a genie that must go back in its bottle, because there are still several months of snow ahead of us.

Well, I wasn’t going to talk too much about my students, but…

Today the word “literally” came up in the group’s reading, and I was telling them how this word is often misused, and how the opposite of it is “figuratively”, and we talked about metaphors (“metafor” in Russian) and I asked them to give me an example of one. So my favorite student pipes up, “Wearing a preservatif (condom) is like swimming in shoes.”

Good sport that I am, I wrote it on the board. Even though it was a simile, not a metaphor.