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Last night I went to see a great band, Iva Nova. Rock/ska bands with accordions kick ass. Russian lesbian rock/ska bands with accordions really kick ass. It was so nice to be in a bar full of indie rock types, you know, regular folks (with tattoos and piercings). On the metro or streets of St. Petersburg, one doesn’t often see them — the under-40 segment of the population appears to consist of guys carrying beers trying to act macho, and women in furs, tight jeans, stilleto heels and too much makeup trying to impress the beer-swilling guys. One sort of gets used to it, until one goes to a club like Fish Fabrique and is reminded that there actually are Petersburgers who look and act like the sort of people one can relate to.

The warm feeling resulting from this wasn’t even damaged by walking past Jet Set, the snooty club next door to my building, and seeing all the shiny black Mercedes and the women trying desparately to look glamorous enough to be let past the doormen.

I guess this is true everywhere and not just in Russia: there are always going to be a lot of people whose lifestyles and concerns you consider shallow, silly and annoying, and a few people with whom you can really connect. Finding those few is the key to making a life for yourself in a place. I’m working on it. Fish Fabrique is a good place to start.


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