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My English co-worker Heidi was back from being sick last week and confirmed that they really just don’t have snow, erm, trousers in England. Apparently the school is trying to come to some kind of consensus on what to call things in English so the kids don’t get confused with all the different varieties of English they hear. Heidi seems to think it’s OK to call them “snow pants” but it seems to me if they’re learning “trousers” for the clothing that covers your legs from waist to ankle, and that “pants” means underwear, then “snow pants” creates a pretty funny mental image. Puffy down-filled panties with a blue or red nylon shell. Sexy.


Kindergarten was not as much fun today. I hope the novelty isn’t wearing off. It may just be because I seem to be coming down with a cold and feeling under the weather. Or it may be because one of the teachers was out sick and there seemed to be an epidemic of stubbornness today. I do think that the way the day is set up is a little silly. I mean, 1) they’re there for four and a half hours and we feed them three times. The second time is only just a snack, but still, that’s a lot of hand-washing, bib-tying, and admonishing. 2) We get them all geared up, take them outside to play for 20 minutes, they come in, take off all their gear, eat lunch, and then half of them just have to put all their gear back on again to go home.

The one little English boy is so stubborn and naughty. You’d think he’d be the easiest to relate to because we have the same native language, but no. He’s a brat. I was impatient with him today, which made me feel bad, which made me come home and Google “dealing with stubborn children” because I know being testy is entirely unproductive. I think I need to just put his snowsuit on him rather than waiting for him to do it, even though we’re supposed to let those who can do it for themselves do it for themselves.

Tomorrow’s Tuesday again. The busiest day of the week. I hope this cold remains mild so I can get through it.

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