Damn you, Blogger, for eating the last thing I tried to post.

No philosophical treatises today, just recovering from a nasty cold, being frustrated with my slow progress in Russian, and being indecisive about work.

As I was stuffing a three-year-old into his snowsuit today, I envisioned doing it every day for the next four months and possibly the next year and a half, and it freaked me out a bit. I mean, spring will come eventually and dressing the kids will be less complicated, but still.

I like working with kids, but I also like teaching adults. It’s much more intellectually stimulating to discuss the finer points of English grammar, debate politics and share curse words than to say “It’s a horse!” twenty-seven times and hope that some of the tiny people I’m talking to remember it next week.

I also simultaneously crave and reject routine. Running all over the city to teach lessons at different times can be exhausting and unsettling, but going to the same place (early) every morning can get monotonous. All of my “regular” jobs in the US became kind of boring before too long. (I have a terribly short attention span.)

Actually it would be ideal if I could maintain my current schedule for awhile: a couple days a week at the kindergarten and a couple days bustling around the city. Plus my Wednesday afternoon drunken Russian grammar lessons/classical music criticism sessions at my friend Sergey’s. He lives right near the kindergarten so it works out perfectly.