Dawn over the sleeping districts, rust-box houses looking transcendently beautiful in the early light, a snowy lumberyard, people starting their day.

Vegetables and cheese and a song so good it almost made me cry. Tea. Contentedness.

Waiting for a tram. Crisp air. Clear sky. Absolute zen.

Tying a weeping little boy’s hat under his chin. He, homesick in the middle of the day.

Chasing two- and three-year-olds around a playground, giggling. Brushing snow off their boots. Holding hands walking up the stairs.

Bright sunshine and the best kind of big fluffy fairy-tale snow, a square bustling with people.

First out the metro door, first in line for the escalator, no pushing or shoving.


I’ve decided to teach at the kindergarten five days a week. I’ll also keep my lessons with the eight-year-old and tomorrow I will ask the IT company guys if they’re willing to switch to late afternoons. This decision is right for so many reasons. I feel happy.