It’s cold! Like -15 Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit)! Winter is having its last hurrah (I hope). Granted, we occasionally had temperatures colder than this in Upstate NY when I was a kid, but unlike in the US, here most people don’t go right from their house to their garage to their car to their office — to do anything, one has to walk outside.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain; this has been a relatively mild winter for St. Petersburg, and I had steeled myself for much worse. Nonetheless, going outside is very unpleasant right now.

Aunt Kelly and I are going to Venice next week for a mid-winter break. According to the weather almanacs, it should be about 10C/50F there. At first I was kind of nonplussed by this. If we’re going to go somewhere for a dose of warmth, let’s go someplace really warm! But right about now, 50 degrees sounds absolutely lovely. (Still, I’m secretly hoping for a March heat wave in the Adriatic.)