It was recently decided that the teachers at the kindergarten should wear black trousers and a black or white shirt, I suppose to look more professional. Since I don’t want to look like a waiter, I wear all black, as do most of the others. It’s not a problem really — I used to sing in a choir in which we were supposed to wear all black, so I have plenty of black clothes — but it does strike me as rather silly. The goth kindergarten.

Anyway, I have this pair of black velour trousers which are perfectly suited for the purpose — sufficiently professional-looking, and comfortable enough for crawling around on the floor with little ones.

It turns out they have another feature — they’re rather appealingly tactile. My mom, who is a first-grade teacher, used to tell me about kids rubbing her nylons under the table during reading groups. I was reminded of this very clearly when the boy from South Africa started petting my trousers during morning circle. “They’re furry!” he said. Isn’t it nice to be three years old and get away with rubbing some woman’s leg?