Dear Readers,

Aunt Kelly and I are in Venice this week, so I am away from my constant intravenous internet drip and won’t be posting as regularly as usual. Don’t fear, normal posts will resume next week.

The trip did not get off to the most auspicious beginning, as they had closed check-in for our flight five minutes before we got through the three layers of security to the counter at the airport, but in an unusual show of understanding and compassion from a Russian customer service person we managed to make it on to the flight. In the course of that flight my sniffling and coughing of the preceding week turned into a full-blown cold, and during the descent my ears plugged up completely and with the most excruciating pain in recent memory. Add to that a sprained finger and some entirely unexpected homesickness (for St. Petersburg, of all places!) and you get a rather miserable Megan. And it’s not even warm here!

But now I’m nicely stoned on cold medicine and am starting to appreciate the beauty of the place. It is quite lovely, an entire city without cars! It’s quiet and clean and customer service is good and people look stylish, all of the nice features of Western Europe. So, you know. Everything’s going to be OK.

Have a good week all, if I don’t get another chance to blog.