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As of today, I work at the kindergarten five days a week. I was afraid the kids would have forgotten me, since I was only there a few days a week and then took off for a week, but when I walked in the door this morning, Leon said “Good morning, Megan!” Leon is a hilarious kid. He’s really bright — he’s half German, half Russian, and at three years old speaks both languages, and he’s probably the most articulate in English aside from the English kid. He’s also absolutely adorable — an angelic-looking little blond kid — but don’t let looks fool you, he’s also one of the naughtiest kids in the class. As I was chasing him around the coatroom this afternoon, I said, “You’re lucky you’re cute and smart, Leon, because you’re so bad!” But he’s the sort of bad kid you know is going to turn out all right, because he smiles impishly all the time like he knows he’s toying with you. Unlike his partner in crime, Gleb, who has a rather unpleasant personality and isn’t very clever either.

So, I haven’t signed a contract yet, but today I gave a verbal commitment to stay on for the next academic year. They kind of guilt-tripped me into it, but I had been thinking along those lines for awhile now anyway. So I’ll be a St. Petersburg resident for another 15 months at least. Whoa! It’s a pretty big decision, but surprisingly I don’t have any misgivings about it.


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I'm an American who started blogging when I moved to Russia in 2004. Eventually I moved to Sweden, where life is pleasant but uneventful, and stopped blogging for lack of interesting things to say. And then I joined Facebook, which further destroyed any motivation for blogging. Maybe someday I'll start blogging again, but for now, this blog is dormant, an archive of The Russia Years: 2004-2008.

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