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The First Day of Spring. Sorry about the poor quality, I still haven’t gotten around to getting a proper digital camera — this is from my phone. Posted by Hello


March 1 is considered the first day of spring in Russia. (And June 1, summer, etc.) But I haven’t gone native to that extent yet. To me, today is still the first day of spring. But then, spring is just a whole different concept here. On the first of March, one of my Russian co-teachers was talking to the kids about vesna: “Spring means that the cats start to walk around outside, and spring means icicles.” I thought to myself “Spring don’t mean icicles where I come from, honey!” (Though I hear that even in Washington DC, the most southerly place I’ve lived, it’s still pretty chilly this year.)

I think one of the more common misconceptions about Russia is that the entire country is frozen all year round. But if I hadn’t spent a summer here before, at this point I’d start to believe the hype. Fortunately I know that summer here is lovely and sunny and warm but rarely too hot, and this knowledge is helping me deal with the fact that it’s March freaking twenty-first and it’s snowy and minus five degrees celsius!

Seriously speaking, it doesn’t bother me that much, though I am looking forward to jettisoning my bulky coat. These days the sun is bright and there’s lots of it. After all, today is the Vernal Equinox, the great day of international equality, when everyone from the tropics to the taiga gets the same amount of daylight. For the next six months, the northern hemisphere will have more daylight than darkness, and those of us at this crazy high latitude (hey Brian, hey Christina, hey Mari) will get tons of it. Whoo-hoo! I congratulate you with the equinox!

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