Reading Brian’s latest blog entry made me laugh, and made me think I should make some kind of comment about Easter.

The Russian Orthodox Church uses a different calendar than the rest of the Christian world, so the holidays are never at the same time as the ones I’m used to. Being a devout Agnostic-Buddhist-Unitarian raised in an unreligious household, religious holidays mean fuck-all to me, but you know, you grow up with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and the year is forever delineated by these events.

The St. Petersburg Times (twice-weekly free paper in English mostly read by tourists and expats) usually makes passing reference to western religious holidays, like “West Christmas is on December 25th this year.” Last week it mentioned that “West Easter” (isn’t that great? I’ve decided to contract it to Wester) was on Sunday, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have remembered. As it happened, I was hosting a small dinner party and halfway through I suddenly felt like I should be eating a ham rather than the quasi-Indian food I’d prepared. Which was all the more weird because I always thought my mom’s Easter ham was nasty.