I investigated the new metro stop this morning. It’s dazzlingly bright and shiny and clean, has proper wheelchair ramps, is decorated in very Petersburgian blue and white, is thus far free of advertising, and has its share of socialist realism mosaics devoted to aviation. The mosaics took me by surprise, but really, how could they abandon this form of decor? It does look pretty cool, after all. The station is generally all that you could ask for, save for the funky new-construction smell.

I didn’t linger as long as I would have liked, as a certain someone was in a hurry, but tomorrow’s the MetroParty — a bunch of friends are gathering at the far end of the metro line and riding it all the way to the new station and winding up at a bar. You can drink beer on the metro here, something I generally see as kind of trashy, but it may be appropriate in this case.

I’ve discovered my phone’s stopwatch function, so now I can time the distance between stops accurately, and tomorrow I’ll get to do all of Line Four (I always want to call it the Orange Line, but no one calls lines by their colors here) if I don’t get completely distracted by the revelry.