…the last time for awhile, I promise. Below are some photos from our journey, again taken with my mobile phone, so don’t make fun, OK? I really am a pretty decent snapshot photographer.

At each metro stop we drank a toast to something related to the name of the station. I don’t remember all of the toasts, so those of you who actually care can check back later, I’ll edit after getting verification.

Here are the times between stations:

Ulitsa Dybenko to Prospekt Bolshevikov: 2:03
Pr. Bolshevikov to Ladozhskaya: 2:00
Ladozhskaya to Novocherkasskaya: 1:58
Novocherkasskaya to Ploshad Alexandra Nevskovo: 2:27
Pl. Nevskovo to Ligovsky Prospekt: 2:02
Ligovsky to Dostoyevskaya: 1:25
Dostoyevskaya to Sadovaya: 3:21
Sadovaya to Sportivnaya: 4:38*
Sportivnaya to Chkalovskaya: 1:36
Chkalovskaya to Krestovsky Ostrov: 2:48
Krestovsky to Staraya Derevnya: 2:56
Staraya Derevnya to KOMENDANTSKY PROSPECT!!!: 2:53

In total, about 35.5 minutes, incuding stops, which average about 30 seconds.

And the escalator ride up: 3:03

*There’s a phantom station between these two, Admiraltiskaya, which is supposed to be constructed someday…

This ends this edition of Public Transport Geekdom.