Today on the metro I observed a candidate for the Bitchiest Woman Ever, though fortunately her bitchiness wasn’t directed at me. It was rush hour and I was changing trains at Technologichesky Institut. A train pulled up, people poured out of it, and then those of us waiting started to get on. During rush hour it’s not only hard to board a train, but it can be a struggle to disembark, too. A few people were still making their way to the door to get off the train as we pushed to get on. The woman in front of me barked “Faster!” really loudly and brusquely at the poor stragglers. It’s not like they were drunk guys goofing around or anything, though even then I don’t think it’s particularly appropriate to reprimand your fellow citizens that nastily. They were ordinary-looking middle-aged people, tired at the end of the work week like everyone else, and who was this woman to yell at them? I glared at her when we got on the train, and wished her evil. She got off at the same stop I did, and at the top of the escalator was met by a humorless-looking man. Was she late for her rendezvous with him? I don’t know, but the extra second it might have taken to let a few more people off the train couldn’t have made much difference.