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Well, that sucked — two days of lying in bed with a fever and stomach cramps. Amazing how one can go from feeling normal to completely horrible and back in just a couple of days. This morning I was still pretty shaky and thought I might get trampled in the Metro at rush hour, but this evening felt completely fine on a lovely evening walk. (The weather was perfect today, and it doesn’t get dark til after 9:00 p.m. these days.)

I really have to figure out how to cram more Russian language study into my days. My Russian lesson today was a complete humiliation, and I actually had more time to study this week than usual, owing to my two days lying in bed with little else to do. Am I just to old to develop any new language skills? Do I just not know how to study? Have I consumed so much alcohol in the past 8 years (yes, truly, I didn’t do much drinking until I was 21) that I don’t have any spare brain cells?

I do spend the majority of my time in English-speaking environments, which is bad, but it’s just kind of a fact of life at the moment. Certain Someone and I make efforts to speak in Russian, but always lapse into English after a few sentences, because the scope of our conversations is constrained by the limitations of my Russian (whereas Certain Someone’s English isn’t constrained by a goddamn thing). It’s a vicious cycle. But this weekend I’m going to Certain Someone’s hometown, where I will be required to speak Russian all of the time, so perhaps this will instill some good habits in both of us.

So have a good weekend, all. I’m off to bed again, but this time it’s because it’s actually bedtime, not because I feel like I’m going to die.


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