Just got home from Slantsy, a small town close to the Estonian border. It was quiet and relaxing there. There isn’t much to speak of in the town, though they do have a museum featuring things like scale models of local factories, stuffed local wild animals, and the obligatory Soviet propaganda which these sorts of dusty small museums still retain.

Certain Someone’s family is very sweet and cute and nice. His mom’s a great cook and we were constantly being fed delicious things. I saw very little of his dad, but he ran off to pick me flowers just before the bus pulled away this morning. His grandma just kept patting me on the back and saying “You’re a nice girl. Such a nice girl.” Before we could grow tired of all this pleasantness, we had to head back to St. Petersburg, with an hour and a half added to the journey because of a bus breakdown.

It’s always a bit jarring to be back in a big city after being in a quiet place. I think I’ll do some yoga now.