It snowed yesterday and today. And, now the sun sets so late that sometimes I go to bed before it’s completely dark out. How strange.

Today Alla was giving the kids a lesson about dishes, in Russian of course. We were looking at pictures of a teacup, a mug, and a glass. “All well-brought-up people know that you use different dishes for different things. A teacup is for tea.” Fair enough. “A mug is for milk and water. A glass is for juice.” What?? A mug is for a hot beverage, like coffee, and a glass is for cold beverages like milk, juice, water, and Coca-Cola WITH ICE. Any well-brought-up American knows that!

Really, I don’t think it matters at all, but Alla was going on and on about how there are so many uncultured people drinking beverages from the wrong vessels. Well, I suppose this will help me be a better hostess while living in Russia, in the unlikely event that any well-brought-up people come over. Thank goodness for Alla’s Russian etiquette lessons.