Tomorrow’s the kids’ last day of Kindergarten for the year. I also found out today that it’s my last day for the year too. Originally they had told me that all the teachers would be working until June 15, doing cleanup and maintenance on the building, and that we all got a month of paid vacation in the summer. Well, just yesterday they decided that only applied to teachers who had contracts for the current full academic year. Since I only started in March, I didn’t have a contract. So that’s a month and a half of salary I had been budgeting for that I won’t be getting. So I’ve got to find some new students to teach, which shouldn’t be too hard, but still.

Anyway, since you won’t be hearing kindergarten stories for the next three months, I’ll tell a few now.

Today Lyova came in, crying and crying for no apparent reason. He’s a sensitive kid who just takes things really hard and cries a lot, but he’s a really good and sweet kid too. I have a tendency to cry for no apparent reason when I drink too much red wine, so I can relate. Anyway, Dima was watching this spectacle in the cloakroom as he was changing his clothes, and he kept asking why Lyova was crying, and I kept saying I didn’t know. Finally he said “Ya znayu, pochemy Lyova plachet. On ne hochet razdevat’sa. A ya lyblu razdevat’sa!” “I know why Lyova is crying. He doesn’t want to get undressed. But I love to get undressed!” Funny enough, but even funnier when you consider how long it takes to persuade Dima to get undressed some days.

Kirill is another super-funny, super-smart, super-sweet kid. He likes to parrot things back to you in his little Russian-accented voice. If I say “Take your shoes off, Kiryusha,” he says, with an impish grin, “Take your shoes off, Myegan.” Anyway, today he discovered how pleasant it is to pet my famous velour trousers, and he said, out of the blue, “Hubba hubba.” I asked him where he heard that, and he claimed he heard it on the radio in the car. Then he said something about his uncle. I don’t know, but it was random and funny.