With kindergarten over for the summer, I have one more lesson with the eight-year-old and then I am unemployed. I’ve told the language school that I’m available to teach more lessons now, but they haven’t come up with anything yet.

I was looking forward to having some time to sit on my arse, but today is my first real day of arse-sitting, and I can already tell that it won’t be good to do too much of it. I need some structure to my days and I want to be able to afford my lifestyle of hanging out in moderately-priced cafes without draining my savings. My mom’s a schoolteacher and she used to spend her summers napping whenever she didn’t have anything else to do, which I could easily wind up doing because I inherited her lethargy. Despite being a somnolent person, though, I really do prefer to spend the majority of my time productively.

So, the master plan. 1) Keep looking for students. 2) Get up at a reasonable hour (like 8.00) and run or do yoga every day. 3) Spend a couple of hours a day studying Russian, preferably at a moderately-priced cafe. 4) Read all those books I shipped over here in anticipation of having lots of time for arse-sitting. 5) Pursue all those creative projects I always fantasize about having time for. 6) Cook real food rather than subsisting on bread and cheese.