With the vast amount of free time I have on my hands these days, and with the weather being extremely pleasant, I’ve been intentionally having some public transportation adventures. I take the metro to a far-out station, and take trams or buses back, or vice-versa. It’s cheap entertainment and I’m getting to know all corners of the city. Not that the city’s all that scenic once you get out of downtown, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Today’s adventure was to take the metro one stop north of “my” stop, Chernishevskaya, to Ploschad Lenina, then take tram number 20 to Sosnovka Park, which I walked through to get to Ozerki, with a bit of grocery shopping at O’Key before getting back on the metro. (For those of you unfamiliar with St. Petersburg, I tried just now to find you a link to a good map, but failed. Granted, I could have tried harder.)

I saw a really crazy sci-fi building and took a picture of it with my mobile phone. I’ll try to post it here later.