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I’m moderately employed for the next few weeks. I’m teaching English to an intermediate-level group twice a week. I had my first lesson with them last night, and it’s a really nice group. They’re not shy about talking and have good senses of humor, and there’s a good gender and age distribution. (One group I taught in the winter consisted of several lovely young women around the age of 20 and a lecherous 40-something guy, which resulted in a rather awkward dynamic.)

Not much else to report. If you’re in the US, visit this website:


How Not To Find A Starbucks. Though there are days here when I wouldn’t mind one. :-) The closest St. Petersburg equivalent is Idealnaya Chashka, but they don’t have anything Tall, Grande, or Venti.

Oh, and can I just make another plug for Blogchik? Michele has a knack for finding fabulous and wacky Russia-related links, and I always want to post them here, but then my blog would just be a mirror of hers and that would be lame. So just go there regularly, OK?

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I'm an American who started blogging when I moved to Russia in 2004. Eventually I moved to Sweden, where life is pleasant but uneventful, and stopped blogging for lack of interesting things to say. And then I joined Facebook, which further destroyed any motivation for blogging. Maybe someday I'll start blogging again, but for now, this blog is dormant, an archive of The Russia Years: 2004-2008.

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