What’s wrong with me? Why haven’t I played ultimate frisbee in like, two years? I played tonight and it was completely exhilarating. I used to play for fun in college, and then semi-seriously when I was in grad school (I was on the University of Chicago’s women’s team and we went to tournaments and everything), and I joined a league when I first moved to Washington, but the league was too serious and I didn’t have much fun. Then I played pick-up with a bunch of leftists off and on for a couple of years, but gave it up when I was marathon training because I didn’t want some freak frisbee injury to screw up all the work I’d been doing preparing for the marathon. And then, I just got out of the habit.

Tonight I played with a crowd that was half American and half Russian, and most of the Russians had never played before, so it was a really relaxed, fun game. Despite having played for many years, I’m not a particularly talented player, but amongst novices I can feel like I’m good at it. I had some really beautiful throws and catches. I broke all my fingernails and my forearms are going to be covered in bruises tomorrow. I can’t wait for the next game.