Before I came to St. Petersburg for the first time in 2002, I had read and heard from many sources that an obligatory part of the St. Petersburg experience was spending an entire white night out on the town. That summer, I had several White Nights Adventures.

This summer I hadn’t really spent a white night out, that is until last night. Kostia and I and a couple other friends went to Stereoleto, which was really the ideal white nights experience – an electronic dance music festival starting at 11 p.m. and ending around 6 a.m. It was held on the grounds of a former palace for Communist Party elites. The building itself was cool and creepy at the same time. It was the perfect setting for the event, on a semi-isolated part of one of St. Petersburg’s islands. There was an indoor stage and and outdoor stage, plenty of bars, plenty of places to sit and hang out, plenty of mosquito-repellent candles, and plenty of port-a-potties. Oh, and shashlik. Mmm. Most of the music was pretty good, and some of it was even really good.

Of course, being me, I didn’t make it through the whole night without falling asleep. Kostia and I dozed off in a corner of the palace for a little while, under some large houseplants — well, trees, really. When I fell asleep, it was probably around 3:30, still not quite dawn, but when I woke up an hour or so later, suddenly sober, the light was bright, and there was some really cool music coming from the indoor stage. We all danced awhile longer, then went on a long walk searching for a 24-hour cafe. Finding none which met our requirements, we kept walking until the metro opened at 6. I got home around 7 a.m. and slept til two.

Hmm, yes, I do feel kind of like a slacker today. But I’m going to play ultimate frisbee in a couple of hours, so at least I won’t spend the whole day indoors in my pajamas…