– Renew Russian visa
– Stock up on hand sanitizer and peanut butter
– Drink drip coffee and chai (not to be confused with чай)
Avoid Starbucks
– Eat at Astor
– Eat Indian food
– Eat Ethiopian food
– Eat Mexican food
– Ride bicycle (both for fun and to work off all that food)
– Visit former workplaces
– Get all those books and CDs that can’t be found in Russia that I keep thinking I need to have
– Go to Saint-Ex, Tryst
– Try to avoid being persuaded to go to Lauriol Plaza (there is absolutely nothing special about this place, it’s a warehouse full of yuppies, but inevitably some friend will suggest going there and I won’t have the heart to say no)
– Visit All Souls
– Give the presidential limo the finger at least once (vice presidential will do)

Upstate New York:
– Spend quality time with Grandpa
– Steal children’s books for kindergarten from mom
– Drink cheap beer with dad
– Drive around hometown, realize for the millionth time that it isn’t completely horrible, even though I’d never actually want to live there again
– Go through stuff in storage at parents’ houses, wish that I could send it all to Russia, sigh and repack it

In General:
– Overdose on American culture so that I’ll be really glad to get back to Russia
– Study Russian every day, because I promised.