Yesterday was my last full day in Washington, and it was action-packed. It was also hot. Super hot. 102 degrees hot – that’s 39 Centigrade.

As I was walking to my friend Bernard‘s in the morning, I noticed that it seemed even more oppressively hot than normal. I wondered if I was just imagining it. No, it really was even hotter than the normal really hot.

After Bernard’s I went over to Anand’s, whom I had persuaded to drive me to REI since I had a member dividend to spend. There’s an IKEA near the REI and so we decided to have cheap Swedish meatballs for lunch. Mmmm.

On the way there, I decided to call my friend Libbie, who was very pregnant (with twins!) when I saw her last week. I had joked with her that she should try to have the babies before I left town. When I called her house, the answering machine announced that the babies had been born, and at which hospital the family could be found. So on the way back from REI, we stopped by.

It turned out the babies were less than 12 hours old! Luther James and Wesley Michael, fraternal twins, about 6.5 pounds each (almost 3 kg), which is super big for twins! Well done, Libbie! And congratulations Eric!

Well, you’d think that holding brand-new twins would be enough for one day, but I also got to help install a ceiling fan, and have drinks and go to the movies with Terry and Anand. We saw The Aristocrats, which is definitely worth seeing.

I’m not sure if it’s the extreme heat or the extreme Swedish meatballs or what, but I feel kind of queasy today. I hope it goes away before I get on the plane tonight, because traveling 12 hours while queasy is not my idea of a fun time.