I’ve decided that this part of the world has six seasons rather than four, but three of them are winter. This sounds like a joke, but it’s also true. It’s like this:

Summer: June 21-August 20 (20 degrees Centigrade on average)
Autumn: August 21-October 20 (10-15 degrees)
Early Winter: October 21-December 20 (0-10 degrees)
Deep Winter: December 21-February 20 (-10-0 degrees)
Late Winter: February 21-April 20 (0-10 degrees)
Spring: April 21-June 20 (10-15 degrees)

For some reason I find thinking about it this way to be comforting, more so than trying to make the seasons here conform to my temperate-zone conception of what the four seasons are supposed to be like. Instead of being sad that spring, summer, and fall are so brief, I’m just going to accept that there are six short seasons, half the year is winter, and early and late winter aren’t too bad.