With my little hiatus, I neglected to report that I have fulfilled my familial destiny of being a primary school teacher (my mom and paternal grandmother were both schoolteachers). How did I let this happen?

The language school that runs the kindergarten also runs a British School. As I’ve mentioned, St. Petersburg is perpetually short on native-English-speaking teachers, and so I was persuaded to leave the kindergarten early two days a week to teach a class of seven- and eight-year-olds. I can’t say I love it. The kids are basically good kids, but controlling a class of them is a lot harder than working at the kindergarten, where the kids are small and you can just physically move them around if you have to, and your authority seems a lot more absolute. Plus, at the kindergarten the child-adult ratio is much smaller.

Worst of all, those two days a week I have to leave the kindergarten right when the nicest part of the day starts — naptime. I really relish that hour and a half of silence. Plus, that’s my lesson planning time, and now I have even more lessons to plan.

But I’ll stop whining about it now. I know it’s good teaching experience for me. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t do it at all.