Doesn’t my Jack-o-lantern rule? Here he is eating the famous Soviet animated character Cheburashka.

So we had this Halloween party on Friday night, the idea of which was to gather at our apartment for some food and drinks and then head over to the US Consulate for their party. It’s been awhile since I went to a consulate party, and I had forgotten about the stupid-ass security procedure that allows one person in to the building every five minutes, leaving dozens of people waiting in the cold.

(If any US Consulate staff are reading this, you need to do something about that. Yes, I understand the need for security in these troubled times, but this is just completely fucking ridiculous and I’m never going to attempt to go to a consulate party again.)

Anyway, after about a half hour of waiting (truth be told, I don’t know how long we waited, I was already pretty drunk) we decided to all go back to my house. And that, frankly, was a lot more fun.