This month, the St. Petersburg Metro is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Well, maybe “celebrating” is too strong a word, since I haven’t managed to find any websites about the event in English or Russian, except for this one. But there are posters and banners in the Metro, and there will be a special exhibit at the City Museum.

The most noticable thing they’re doing to commemorate the anniversary is that they’ve replaced the familiar announcer’s voice with the voices of four Petersburg TV personalities. Two of them sound nice, two of them not so nice. But overall, I like the idea.

I think that after the anniversary is over they should experiment with different voices to keep things interesting:

– Kids, because it would be cute;

– Foreigners, not ’cause I want to do it or anything. I think they should get some people with really strong accents, like the people in my high school Russian class who didn’t give a fuck about phonetics;

– The drunks who hang out at the end of my street;

– Stephen Hawking’s computer;

– Parrots.

Other ideas?