Another weekend gone. When do I get to catch up on sleep and shake this cold that’s been plaguing me for the past week and a half?

This weekend Kostia’s parents were visiting him and so I hung out with all of them. Kostia’s poor dad was forced to lug jars and jars of jam and mushrooms, a sack of potatoes, and other fresh meat and vegetables on a three-hour bus ride and then on to the metro, all so Kostia’s mom could start cooking up a storm the second she got to the apartment. Kostia had planned to take them out to dinner, but this wasn’t allowed. We did manage to get them to a cafe and to one of the new multiplexes in one of the fancy new shopping malls to see “Perviye Posle Boga” – a new World War II submarine movie. It was pretty good.

My Russian IS getting better. I understood most of the movie AND was able to make nice small talk with the parents for several hours while Kostia was off teaching a lesson.