Feeling better, erm, mentally, than yesterday. The world’s still a mess, but the degree to which that makes me feel despondent seems to vary unpredictably.

Today I visited my favorite medical clinic. (I mean that unironically — while the public clinics and hospitals here are terrifying, the expensive private ones are really nice, nicer than any doctor’s office I’ve been to in the US.) I wanted to make sure that these cold symptoms I’ve had for two weeks weren’t actually symptoms of something more serious, because a cold shouldn’t last so long. But they did blood tests and everything, and I don’t have anything serious. So they sent me home with some powders and cough syrup (the latter of which I don’t really need) and an offer to give me a doctor’s excuse to get out of work.

But I don’t need a doctor’s excuse to stay out of work. Working at the kindergarten, sometimes you need a doctor’s note to go back TO work, because they are hypervigilant about the kids’ health. So I’ve decided to take tomorrow off too, and see if I can finally get rid of this, even though I don’t feel particularly bad. I just don’t like the fact that it’s lingering.

I also realized that I didn’t come to St. Petersburg to be sick and stressed out, and I’m in the very fortunate position of not having to worry about the financial impact of losing a couple of days’ pay, so what the hell was I doing, forcing myself to go to work every day while I was feeling cruddy?

One of my co-workers told me that when she moved to St. Petersburg from Ukraine 30 years ago, someone told her that if she didn’t acclimatize to St. Petersburg within six months, she should leave, because in that case she was always going to be sick. I wonder if that’s really true.

Yesterday I was walking by the Church on Spilled Blood and there was some kind of outdoor concert and lights show going on and the floodlights were directed in such a way that I could see all the particulates in the air. It kind of freaked me out. Of course you can sense the pollution in the air all the time, but to see it is another matter altogether.