…or maybe they aren’t. But Weebl and Bob are my favourite flash animation series ever. If you’ve studiously been ignoring the links in my sidebar, this is the time to stop, ’cause everything there is freakin’ priceless.

Well, I can’t say I’m 100% healthy, but I’m a lot better, and riding the metro during rush hour from the kindergarten to my student Vanya’s house didn’t make me want to collapse, even though I didn’t get a seat for any portion of the journey, which is really saying something even in the best of times.

I wish Vanya didn’t live all the way in the northernmost part of the city, a 15-minute walk from a metro station on the busiest line. Because he is one super cool nine-year-old and I really like teaching him. But getting to and from his place is such a tremendous pain in the zhopa. Especially now that it’s cold and really dark. Oh, and I won’t be. Using complete sentences anymore. Just kidding.

Kindergarten is getting more and more exhausting. At the beginning of the year, we had on average seven kids stay after lunch for nap. Today we had 12. It’s a lot of work getting 12 kids to sleep, and then to wake up, change out of their pajamas, eat a snack, and put on snowsuits to go home.

Damn, today I was thinking of a funny story from last week and thought, “I need to put that on the blog.” And now I’ve completely forgotten what it was. The more stressed out I am, the more I forget things. Hmph.