Oh yeah, so I remembered the story I wanted to tell yesterday.

One day I was in Russian music class with the kindergarteners (they have Russian music class and English music class) and we were practicing the holiday performance. So we’re in a circle around the new year’s tree and I notice that the kid next to me is distracted by something in his hand. They often sneak small toys or bits of paper or god knows what to lessons and then get distracted by them. So I ask Lyova what’s in his hand and he gives me this enormous, smooshy booger.

The kindergarten is basically one big snot factory so I try to have tissues on me at all times, but at this moment I didn’t have any. So what can I do? I try to flick the booger on to the floor, but it won’t flick off, and by this time we’re supposed to be holding hands and circling round the tree, and the music teacher’s yelling at me to get with the program and I can’t very well tell her to hang on a minute while I flick snot onto her classroom floor.

So I wiped the booger on Lyova’s shirt. I mean, the kids’ shirts are all covered in their own snot anyway. What else could I do?