I feel like I should update if only to make it so the booger story isn’t the first thing you see.

Oh, OK, I’ll actually write something. Yesterday Kostia and I went with our friends Vadik and Elya to see the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Marble Palace. I experienced a small bit of (not unpleasant) cognitive dissonance looking at Warhol’s very American work in this Russian museum with Russian friends. It did make me a little homesick for New York, and I’m never homesick. Then again, I’ve never actually lived in New York (City), so really these feelings were all just some kind of fantasy on my part.

After that we went to a relatively new eatery called Frikadelki, which is Russian for meatballs, but only meatballs that are in soup. I’ll give it a thumbs-up. It’s nicer than the usual cafeteria-style restaurant, lives up to its claim to have Russian and European cuisine, and is cheap. It’s not a spot for a romantic dinner, but its brightness and cheery informality were just right for a few friends on a gloomy afternoon.

I entered a prize drawing to win a card worth 3000 rubles at Frikadelki, which would amount to about 25-plus meals. The entry form requested all kinds of demographic information, including income bracket. The question was posed in a really funny way:

Check one of the following:
-I have only enough money for food
-I have enough money for food and clothing
-I have enough money for food, clothing, and household appliances
-I have enough money to buy a car
-I have enough money to buy an apartment or house

I’m not sure how the box I checked might affect my chances of winning the prize.