Ohhh it’s so cold. Last winter, my first in Russia, was relatively mild. I mean, I didn’t feel that way in February and March when it was between -10 and -15 centigrade (+5 Fahrenheit), but now that it’s -26 (-15 Fahrenheit), last winter does indeed seem like child’s play.

In fact, these are probably the coldest temperatures I’ve seen in my life. Thanks to global warming, I don’t remember any below-zero Fahrenheit temperatures since I was a kid in Upstate NY, and I don’t remember if it got as low as -15.

However, I’ve become such an expert at layering and bundling up, that I’ve hardly felt the cold. I haven’t lingered outside much, either, but still.

Kostia told me this morning that Russian dieticians recommend eating fatty meat to stay warm. Mmm.