Can I just say that I feel like I’ve done my bit for the Russian economy this weekend? It was really cold (though not as cold as a couple weeks ago) yet I resisted the urge to hibernate and went out every day this weekend, visiting emptier-than-usual establishments.

Friday Aunt Kelly and I went to a new restaurant called Xren (pronounced Hren, it means horseradish and is also sometimes used as a substitute for a swear word). Yummy. I recommend it. Good service too, unusual.

Saturday Kostia and Aunt Kelly and I met up with some friends at Red Club, where a bunch of bands were playing, though we were there mostly for Kim and Buran. We heard a really good funk band too, Kanna P, and some crappy weird band, I don’t remember their name, just that in their first song they kept chanting “Ya hochu v kitai” (I want to go to China).

Today Kostia and I went to see Match Point, which they were actually showing subtitled instead of dubbed, whoo-hoo! I liked it in the end, though at first I had my doubts. Then we went to a cafe for some mulled wine.